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Bradshaw Lecture: Racial Capitalism and Political Community: South to South, Then and Now

This talk by Anne Garland Mahler, PhD frames our current moment of solidarity politics—facilitated by innovations in information and communication technologies—through revisiting two interconnected histories of global solidarity politics in the twentieth century: the All American Anti-Imperialist League, based in Mexico City in the 1920s, and the Tricontinental, headquartered in Havana beginning in the 1960s. Both movements intended to bridge a global anti-capitalist struggle with racial justice activism but did so through distinct discourses and aesthetics. Mahler considers how the political networks surrounding the All American Anti-Imperialist League theorized a transnational form of racial policing as well as intersections between anti-blackness and anti-immigrant sentiment in the American hemisphere. This discourse was later revived in the Tricontinental movement through its efforts to build a transracial political movement that would foreground black struggles. Ultimately, through looking back at the contributions and shortcomings of these understudied histories, this talk addresses the insights they offer to our political imagination today.