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Breaking Illusions: Artist as Scientist
Artwork by Kimiko Miyoshi
Kimiko Myoshi, mercury, layered monotype, 14 x 19 inches, 2017

The arts and the sciences are two great engines of culture: sources of creativity, places of inspiration, and markers of aggregate identity. Before the Renaissance, they were united. Science and art intertwined, with scientists revered as scholars and philosophers. Artists were acknowledged as inventors and architects.

The artists were chosen for this show based on their ability to dissect and layer, removing, including, theorizing and hypothesizing throughout the entire art process.

Alice Marie Perreault, Annie Clavel, Betsy Lohrer Hall, Clara Berta, Dianna Lindquist, Eric Johnson, Emery C. Martin, Jessica Wimbley, Kimiko Miyoshi, Melissa Walter, Patrick Faulk, Randi Hokett, Virginia Katz

Curated by Conchi Sanford

On View
Monday, January 15 – Friday, February 2
10:00 am–5:00 pm
Closed Saturdays and Sundays.

Opening Reception
Tuesday, January 16
6:00–9:00 pm