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Career Crunch

It takes 6 months to land a career level position. It’s only 2 months until graduation.

Come to the CDO Spring Break (March 12-16) First Annual Career Crunch. Continuous drop in hours (M,T 8:30-7; W,TH,F 8:30-5)—come in any time, stay as long as you like. If you aren’t on campus email or call us.

Career/Internship Search Assistance- help narrowing your search and planning a strategy to target your preferred employers. You can apply to fewer jobs and complete your search in less time with targeted materials and strategies.

Strategic Relationships Development-Who you know matters. We can help you discover how to grow your connections to people in your field. We have company connections, so take advantage of that.

Documents review-we review resumes, CVs, cover letters– any application documents your search requires. If you want to get the interview, you need to have an excellent application.

Interview Preparation-Looking good on paper only gets you so far. You have to be able to convince your future employer you are a great fit and they can’t live without you.

Negotiation Assistance-Negotiating a job offer can be scary, but not negotiating can be financially devastating. We can help you plan a case for why you are worth more.