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CGU Reception at the WPA Convention

Join us as Claremont Graduate University hosts faculty, alumni, and students at the 99th Annual Western Psychology Association (WPA) Convention in Pasadena, California. CGU will be hosting a wine and cheese reception on Friday, April 26 at 5:00 pm in the Hilton Pasadena Hotel as we celebrate the students and faculty who “Carry the Flame,” including CGU Professor Jason Siegel, PhD, who will be receiving this year’s WPA Social Responsibility Award.

Join us at the convention as well on 4/25 and 4/26 to see CGU faculty and student presentations:

Group Processes Influence Whether We Lead, Which Leaders We Support, and What Information We Seek. Thu, April, 25th @8am. Pasadena Center, Ballroom H
Jeff V. Ramdass, Jinghui Zhang

Using the Psychology of Socioemotional Learning to Inform Educational Evaluation. Thu, April 25th @ 8am. Pasadena Center, Ballroom C
Nazanin Zargarpour, Shannon Feil, Elyse L. Postlewaite, James McConchie, Leigh Mercer, Min Hsuan Chen

Psychology Reactance Theory: Three Theoretical Advances. Thu, April 25th @ 9:30am. Pasadena Center, Ballroom C
Jason T. Siegel

Increasing Help-Seeking Among People With Depressive Symptomology: Social Psychology Approaches. Thu, April 25th @ 10:45am. Pasadena Center, Ballroom C
Jason T. Siegel, Sara M. Hollar, Tasha Straszewski, Cara N. Tan, Rachelle Webb

Beyond the Hype of Optimism and Happiness: A Measured Approach to Understanding and Enhancing Positive Functioning. Thu, April 25th @ 12:30pm. Pasadena Center, Ballroom D
Stewart I. Donaldson

Psychology Can (and Must) Contribute to the Health of the Nation. Thu, April 25th @ 2pm. Pasadena Center, Ballroom D
William Crano

The Positive Psychology of Relationships, Love, and Online Romance Across the Lifespan. Fri, April 26th @ 8am. Pasadena Center, Ballroom C
Saeideh Heshmati, Stewart I. Donaldson, Richard Dowlat

Social-Psychology Approaches For Reducing Stigmatization and Increasing the Provision of Help With Depression. Fri, April 26th @ 2pm. Pasadena Center, Ballroom A
Jason T. Siegel, Tara Muschetto, Julia C. Tang, Xiaohui Yao, Alexander Marshburn

The Positive Psychology of Flourishing Across the Lifespan. Fri, April 26th @ 2:45pm. Pasadena Center, Ballroom C
Jeanne Nakamura, Tiffany Berry, Kendall Cotton Bronk, Elyse L. Postlewaite, Saeideh Heshmati

Scorned but Unbowed: Macroaggressions and Stereotypes in the LGBTQI+ Community. Sat, April 27th @ 8am. Pasadena Center, Ballroom H
John Dennem

Careers in Applied Psychology: Is Evaluation the Career For You? Sat, April 27th @ 10:45am. Pasadena Center, Ballroom C
Tiffany Berry, Dana Linnell Wanzer, Kathleen Doll, Brittany Hite, Shannon Feil

The Positive Psychology of Prosocial Commitment: Positive Aging Up Close. Sat, April 27th @ 11am. Pasadena Center, Ballroom A
Jeanne Nakamura, Dwight C.K. Tse, Sumana Sri, Laura Graham, Jordan Boeder, Noah Ringler, Ajit Mann, Katherine Vrooman, Kelsey Procter Finley, Maria Axnér

The Political Costs (and Gains) of Uncertainty. Sat, April 27th @ 12:30pm. Pasadena Center, Ballroom G
Michael A. Hogg, Eunice U. Choi, Joseph A. Wagoner

Applying the Science of Positive Psychology to Improve the Workplace of Tomorrow. Sat, April 27th @ 1:45pm. Pasadena Center, Ballroom G
Stewart I. Donaldson, Adrian Reece, Sharon Hong, Noah Boyd, Christopher Chen, Benjamin Falls

Increasing Organ Donor Registration: Vested Interest, Imposters on MTurk, and Different Modes of Registration. Sat, April 27th @ 2:30pm. Pasadena Center, Ballroom B
Jason T. Siegel, Eusebio M. Alvaro, William D. Crano, Maria D. McManus, Danielle R. Blazek, Mario A. Navarro, Cara N. Tan, Andrew L. Thomson

Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling in R. Sun, April 28th @ 8:30am. Pasadena Center, Ballroom B
Andrew Conway

Plus Contributions by 30+ CGU Students and Faculty to 20+ Papers and Posters on Display at the Conference.