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CGU Spring Preview

Join the Claremont Graduate University campus community for our 2019 Spring Preview Event! Sit in on a class session, explore our beautiful campus, and network with our engaging faculty, staff, and students. Discover how earning a master’s or doctoral degree at CGU can jumpstart your path toward career success and personal fulfillment. Students will have an opportunity to meet with faculty in their program area of interest and admissions representatives to discuss next steps in their graduate career.

Class Preview Sessions

Assistive Technology to Support Students with Jennifer Strom, Preliminary Credential Coordinator
What’s the difference between instructive technology and assistive technology?  How can technology help bridge equity in the classroom?  What can we learn from case studies?  What are the most common areas of need?

Cancer in Public Health with Dr. Jessica Clague DeHart
Everyone has heard of cancer and nearly everyone has been touched by cancer either themselves or through someone they know. But what exactly is cancer? In this course, we explore the complexity of cancer from the human cell to policies written to protect those cells. Through lectures, discussion and group activities, we will take a transdisciplinary journey through cancer biology, epidemiology, bioinformatics, psychology, clinical and community research, advocacy and policy. At each juncture, we will tackle issues from several points of view—patient, scientist, clinician, policy maker—and develop new and creative solutions. 

The Science of Human Flourishing and Social Justice with Dr. Stewart Donaldson and Dr. Saida Heshmati
Why are courses based on the science of Positive Psychology that teach students how to lead happier and more productive lives, Harvard’s and Yale’s most popular classes ever?  Why did Claremont Graduate University begin offering Positive Psychology graduate courses and the first research-based Ph.D. and M.A. concentrations in Positive Psychology about a decade ago?  Professors Donaldson and Heshmati will answer these questions by illustrating how the scientific pursuit of well-being and flourishing came about, and will discuss how the latest science on flourishing can be used to enhance your well-being, the well-being of your loved ones, and how you can use this science to improve the lives of underserved and disadvantaged populations often experiencing a range of social injustices.  Through mini-lectures, small group discussions, and a brief class exercise this sample course will engage students from all backgrounds, interests, and CGU program areas who want to briefly explore ways to use the latest evidence-based findings and insights from the science of positive psychology to inform their own research and career planning.

Gender and Education with Dr. Linda Perkins
This course preview will examine the historical, philosophical, cultural and sociological issues related to gender and education. The course focuses on issues of race, religion, class, ethnicity, immigrant status, and sexual orientation and their impact on gender and schooling. Some questions to be addressed in this course are: How do “princess and Barbie culture” impact girls and their socialization of gender roles and expectations? Why are boys from African American and Latino backgrounds overrepresented in special education classes, in school expulsions and other disciplinary actions? How do immigrant children, often raised in more “traditional” with strict gender expectations, respond to educational programs aimed at “gender equity”?

Diplomacy: The Art of Negotiating the Possible & Impossible with Dr. Sallama Shaker
Isaac Newton defined diplomacy as “tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy.” This course preview will introduce students to the Art of Diplomacy with an overview of the necessary tools to practice diplomacy. Using case studies of diplomatic practices, past and the present, engaging with Ambassadors-at-Large, and working through collaborative simulation exercises, participants will gain a better understanding of the strategies and tactics used to overcome conflicts and build bridges in a complex, globalized world.

The Psychology of Effective Survey Writing with Dr. Jason Siegel
This is a practically oriented course preview on methods of survey research that covers planning and implementation of surveys questionnaires, sampling and the construction of questionnaires from a psychological perspective. This course is designed to provide participants with the tools to understand and analyze survey data, as well as how to carry out survey research.

Making Innovation Happen with Dr. Hovig Tchalian
Innovation means different things to different people. But fundamentally, it’s about making lasting change happen. In this preview session, we’ll discuss what innovation is (and isn’t) and what helps it happen (and not happen). We’ll go through some classic innovation examples and scenarios and think about them differently. We’ll also talk about Drucker’s 7 sources of innovation, adapting and ‘updating’ them for our times. Finally, we’ll do a brief exercise that will give participants a better feel for how and why innovation happens.

Project Management Principles for Effective Planning with Dr. Gwen Garrison
In today’s data driven world knowing how to plan and manage data is essential to informing practice, policy and performance. Good planning boosts quality of data and anticipates the pitfalls during the project itself. This course preview will demonstrate how project management principles power an effective data strategy.