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CGU Spring Preview

Join the Claremont Graduate University campus community for our annual Spring Preview event! Spring Preview will feature both virtual and in-person sessions on our beautiful Claremont Graduate University campus on April 8-9.

During our two-day event, you will hear from our faculty, current students presenting on their research, and experience an in-person class preview session! Spring Preview will highlight our unique graduate-only learning environment and our transdisciplinary approach to collaborative learning across disciplines.

Spring Preview Schedule of Events:

Friday, April 8th (Virtual)
9 AM-12 PM PT
CGU’s Realizing Equity Research Symposium

Saturday, April 9th (In-person, CGU Campus)
9 AM-1:30 PM PT
Class preview sessions, campus tours, optional workshop, networking opportunities



Class Preview Sessions

Transdisciplinary Tools for Equity: Institutions, Organizations, and Systems – with Associate Provost, Andrew Vosko, PhD
Beyond ‘promoting awareness’ of systemic injustice, this new, transdisciplinary survey course offers a tools-based approach to first reveal entrenched inequities and then affect change at the institutional, organizational, and systems levels. We will explore the concept of ‘discrimination-by-design,’ use complexity theory, systems thinking and temporal focus to re-frame our understandings of racism, identify effective tools and resources from both traditional academic and emerging fields, and apply realistic practices to help create more inclusive and equitable spaces of excellence.

Fundamentals of Successful Displays of Data – with Professor Tyler Reny, PhD
Join Tyler Reny, assistant professor in the Department of Politics & Government, for a class preview on data visualization. This session will combine cognitive science, art, and political science to provide insight into how visualizations of data can lead you astray and how to think more carefully about the visual display of data to tell stories.

Transdisciplinary Pedagogy for Ethical Education – with Shamini Dias, PhD and Shelby Lamar
This course invites you on a transformative journey to develop the mindsets to become an ethical, agile leader of learning. We present teaching as a transdisciplinary and inclusive future-focused endeavor for positive learning and development in diverse settings, within and beyond the classroom. In doing so, we engage with the question of how we can effectively and ethically respond to increasingly complex global and institutional contexts in preparing learners holistically for their futures. Working collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams, we will use systems, complexity, and design thinking frameworks to explore student identities and diversity in our classrooms, the changing global paradigms that shift our teaching missions and methods, and what learning sciences and the ethics of education tell us about engagement and motivation.

How Technology and Long-Term Archaeological Research Reveal the Life of the Ancient Maya – with Vice President for Academic Innovation, Student Success, and Strategic Initiatives, Diane Chase, PhD
This class preview session will highlight the archeological research of CGU’s vice president for academic innovation, student success, and strategic initiatives, Diane Chase. Bringing together the fields of history and archaeology, sustainability, urbanism, and complex societies, Vice President Chase’s research centers on archeological excavations at Caracol, Belize, to reconstruct past lifeways of the ancient Maya.  Join this class preview to learn how the application of LiDAR technology to the ancient Maya landscape has bought new insights into the landscape and topography of this ancient civilization.

Through the Claremont Colleges Consortium, CGU students have the opportunity to take courses in archaeological method and theory, Maya archaeology, and complex societies and go to Caracol (post-pandemic), so we invite you to join this course to learn more about these unique opportunities!

Following the Science to Understanding Your Well-Being and Performance in Graduate School, Your Career, and Beyond – with Professor Stewart I. Donaldson, PhD
‘Follow the Science’ is the cry being heard from public health scientists around the world as they try to stop the spread of COVID-19 by ‘flattening the curve’, discover treatments to reduce the severity and length of illness caused by the coronavirus, as well as to develop effective vaccines. The second wave of devastating consequences of this global pandemic will likely be linked to dramatic declines in well-being. These undesirable consequences will most likely affect marginalized and vulnerable groups disproportionately, increasing health and economic disparities.

In this brief preview course, we will follow the science of positive psychology to understanding the building blocks of well-being and positive functioning, and how they can be developed to prevent adverse effects of the pandemic. Students will also learn ways to apply these scientific findings to help themselves and others enhance their well-being and positive functioning, as well as to live an engaged and meaningful life during the pandemic and beyond.

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