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Cognitive Forum featuring Mary Gauvain, “Children’s Questions”

The Division of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences is proud to announce this semester’s Cognitive Forum speaker series. Formerly the Cognitive Lunch Brown Bag series, these meetings began in 1970 when cognitive psychology faculty members began congregating over lunch to discuss research. Now entering its fifth decade, the series has grown into a long-standing tradition featuring alumni, impressive guest speakers, and graduate student research presentations. Cognitive talks are regularly scheduled every Friday at 4:00 pm. The program for the semester is announced every fall and spring. For more information, contact Kathy Pezdek (kathy.pezdek@cgu.edu) or Andrew Conway (andrew.conway@cgu.edu) at Claremont Graduate University.

February 18 – Mary Gauvain, Professor of Psychology, UC Riverside
Children’s Questions

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Spring Program:

January 21 – Drew Bailey, Professor of Education, UC Irvine
“Challenges & Opportunities: Applying Cognitive Science to Educational Policy”

January 28 – Stephen Lindsay, Professor of Psychology, University of Victoria, Canada
“Remembering and Believing: The Source Monitoring Framework”

February 4 – Agatha Lenartowisz, Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior, UCLA
“Neural Oscillations: A Marker of Attention Control and ADHD?”

February 18 – Mary Gauvain, Professor of Psychology, UC Riverside
Children’s Questions

March 4 – Han Hao, CGU
“Bridging Psychometric and Cognitive Models of General Intelligence: A simulation Approach to Investigate Process Overlap Theory”

April 1 – Diane Halpern, Professor Emerita, Claremont McKenna College & Andrew Conway, CGU
“How Intelligence can be a Solution to Consequential Real-world Problems”

April 15 – Chris Schmank, CGU
“Age-Related Differences in the Influence of Emotion Suppression on Processing Speed”

April 29 – Sara Goring, CGU
“Knowledge, Difficulty, and Experience: Young and Older Adults’ Detection of Semantic Illusions in Syntactic Complexity”