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Continuing Advanced ESL Workshop Series for International Students

Workshops 3 & 5: How to Deliver a Pitch or New Idea in a Class or for a Research Project (This pairs with CGU’s Big Pitch contest) 2 two-hour sessions plus Q&A, each session unique. *(Please note that workshop 4 occurs in between these on October 16, 2020)

Purpose:To facilitate understanding the concepts of a “pitch”, and to practice the delivery of it.
By “pitch”, we are referring to a process in which a student succinctly describes and delivers a new idea in a class or for a research topic. This pairs withThe Big Pitch, a 3-minute, campus-wide contest. Even international students who do not plan on entering the contest should attend to practice delivering ideas to advisors, professors, and classmates.

The October 30 session will include practice of your research pitch for The Big Pitch.

Points Covered:

  • What a Pitch Is, and Why We Do It
  • A Research Pitch: Why It’s Important
  • Identifying the Essence of an Idea and Summarizing Effectively (Studying other international student pitches for the Big Pitch)
  • Knowing Your Audience
  • Delivery: Body Language and Elements of Speech
  • Practice of your own research pitch (October 30)