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Cultural Studies Workshop Series #8: Timothy Malone

Our Cultural Studies Workshop series wraps up the semester with our last workshop! Join us on Zoom May 5, 2022, to discuss a chapter by Dr. Timothy Malone from his dissertation titled “The Carceral Death Machine: Savagery, Contamination and Sacrifice in the Contemporary Prison” which will be followed by a response by Dr. David Luis-Brown.

Please note that there is a pre-circulated paper for this event which is available to download from April 30 until the end of the event. Info on how to access it will be sent to you after you register for the event on Zoom.

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The Carceral Death Machine: Savagery, Contamination and Sacrifice in the Contemporary Prison

This chapter from Tim’s dissertation begins with a brief overview of Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish, arguing that the genealogy that Foucault charts from the public spectacle of the sovereign’s corporal punishment to professionalized institutions designed to rehabilitate the soul of the prisoner by disciplining their body needs to be extended to account for the function and organization of the modern U.S. prison. Furthermore, any analysis of the prison is incomplete without an awareness of the actual experiences of people inside its walls. Through the narration of several high-profile cases of guard-orchestrated inmate-on-inmate violence as well as accounts of several of my own experiences while an inmate, I argue that the following three logics saturate U.S. men’s prisons in their entirety and overdetermine carceral function: 1) inmate-on-inmate violence that can be disavowed 2) the immobilizing of human beings within particular spaces as violence potentiality and 3) custodial monopoly over mobility.