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DPE Tuesday Talk: “Demanding the Last Mile: Foreign Aid and Political Participation in Pakistan”

Foreign aid is an external resource that should fill political and economic gaps in developing democracies; this is the underlying logic of millions of dollars committed to build democracy in the developing world. Yet, there is reason to believe that foreign aid can provide a cover for recipient country elites to engage in poor policies and outright corruption. However, a singular focus on elite incentives misses the full picture.

In this presentation, Ms. Ijaz presents a study that looks at how voters in recipient states change their political behavior when they become aid recipients, as well as the subsequent response of political elites to voter demands.

Ms. Ijaz is the Elden Smith Professor of Economics at Pomona College. Among his areas of expertise are international economics and microeconomics.

Hybrid Meeting:

Tuesday, September 27, 2022
12:00 pm − 1:00 pm
In-Person at Albrecht Auditorium
(desserts provided)

Online via Zoom

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