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DPE Tuesday Talk Series: “Will Money Contribute to a Good Image? An Empirical Study of China-European Economic Relations and China’s National Image in Europe ”

The Division of Politics and Economics invites the CGU community to attend this week’s Tuesday Talk featuring, Professor Yi Feng, the Luther Lee Jr. Memorial Chair in Government at Claremont Graduate University.

At CGU, Dr. Feng has served as provost and vice president for academic affairs (2006–2011) and as dean of the Division of Politics & Economics (2003–2006). His areas of concentration are international political economy, public policy analysis, and quantitative methodology. Dr. Feng has published extensively on such topics as economic growth, investment, human capital, international trade, demographic transition, and political regime transitions in various economics and political science peer-reviewed journals. His current research interests include global power shifts, globalization, and regional political, economic, and business development. He has also been continuing his research on China and other major emerging powers.

Yi Feng

Talk Title: Will Money Contribute to a Good Image? An Empirical Study of China-European Economic Relations and China’s National Image in Europe

Since the start of China’s Going Global Initiative in 1999 and more recently the inception of the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, China’s FDI and contractual projects have been on rise worldwide, along with its continued expansions in trade of goods and services. Currently, China tries to increase its economic presence in Europe in the context of a trade war with the United States. Meanwhile, there have been many questions about the nature and the perception of China’s rise. The focus of Dr. Feng’s study, co-authored with Zhijun Gao of CGU, is to explore the political implications of the European reach of China’s economic power through its outward direct investment, contracts, and trade and their impact on the perception of China in Europe. In a statistical analysis of the member states of the European Union through cross-country and time-series methodology, the authors aim at finding out if the increase in China’s economic relations with EU will improve or worsen its national image in EU countries. As contracts, FDI and trade play different roles and have different functions, the authors expect their impact on China’s image in Europe will be different. Similarly, as EU member states are variegated in economic, political, and security needs, their image of China as conditioned by their economic relations with China will also vary. This research projects will look into several measures of public images of China in various survey datasets such as Pew Research, BBC Global Span/Pipa Institute and Eurobarometer across all 27 EU’s member states. Such a study will not only uncover the patterns and trends of China’s economic activities and their relations with how people in Europe think of China, but also, more importantly, shed light on the future international relations that involve European Union and China, and in that connection, the future world order in the 21st century.

To attend, please use this Zoom link: https://cgu.zoom.us/j/96018488587 or Meeting ID: 960 1848 8587