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DPE Tuesday Talks: “Beliefs that Entertain”

A large fraction of people’s time is spent in leisure but fairly little economic research has been devoted to this study. Dr. Joshua Tasoff presents a study that analyzes the role of beliefs on player engagement in a popular video game called “League of Legends”. Using a data set of nearly 2.8 million matches representing 28 million players subsequent game engagements, Dr. Tasoff estimates the effect of lagging behind the opponent, suspense and surprise, and a proxy for flow. The approach of this study can be used to inform game design.
Joshua Tasoff is an associate professor in Claremont Graduate University’s Department of Economic Sciences. His research focus is in behavioral economics, a subfield of economics that focuses on enriching economic analysis with psychology.

Hybrid Meeting:

Tuesday, December 6, 2022
12:00 pm − 1:00 pm

In-Person at Albrecht Auditorium
(desserts provided)

Online via Zoom
(Meeting ID: 864 7922 9262)

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