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Drucker Breakfast Club presented by Professor Hovig Tchalian

Platforms and Ecosystems: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the New Millennium

This past holiday season, Amazon reported an estimated $40 billion in sales, representing a staggering 40 percent of all holiday sales in the United States.

If you’ve used Dropbox or visited Amazon lately (and, really, who hasn’t done at least one?), then you’ve experienced the brave new world of entrepreneurship, innovation, and business. We live in a “networked world” where everything is connected to everything—and everyone. And you can’t navigate this brave new world in the new year without appreciating (and adapting to) the new reality.

Dropbox started as a platform—a consistent set of tools and processes. And so did iTunes and Xbox … and Amazon for that matter. But every platform wants to grow up to become an ecosystem, a place where people and platforms interact, something clearly seen in the development of Amazon. There, a leading cloud services provider (Amazon Web Services), a sophisticated fulfillment platform (its global supply chain), and an ever-expanding retail site (Amazon.com) connect millions of shoppers, suppliers, and sellers.

In this talk, we’ll explore the brave new world of innovation built on platforms and ecosystems. We’ll extend Peter Drucker’s sources of innovation to help us understand what changes have made this new reality possible. And we’ll share some exciting news about the launch of entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives at the Drucker School, CGU, and the City of Claremont.

Join us for exciting, informative conversations. Enjoy breakfast and networking with CGU alumni, students and community guests! Bring a friend!