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Entrepreneurship: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly – Anthony Page and Daniel Vesely – Inaugural Alumni Speaker Series

Claremont Graduate University and the Office of Alumni Engagement invite you to the premiere of our new Alumni Speaker Series. Join us as we host Anthony Page (MBA ’97) and Daniel Vesely (MBA ’97) and hear about their entrepreneurial struggles as founders of a technology startup.

Voxx Analytics is the leader in influence analytics and influence mapping, leveraging Big Data to deliver clarity and precision about people, companies, message flow, and influence in global professional communities.

Anthony and Daniel, co-founders of Voxx Analytics, met while earning their MBAs from the Drucker School of Management and found inspiration in Peter Drucker’s teachings about the importance of organizing “information about the outside.” They have worked together for over 10 years developing the technologies that are now the basis for Voxx Analytics. Their mission is to organize and analyze all influence-related information to empower decision-makers.