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Figures & Facts: Selections from the Hollander Collection
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Figures & Facts: Selections from the Hollander Collection
January 20 – January 31 | 2020

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 | 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
East and Peggy Phelps Galleries | 251 E. 10th Street | Claremont, CA 91711
Claremont Graduate University

GALLERY HOURS: Monday – Friday | 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

The Department of Art at Claremont Graduate University cordially invites you to join us to celebrate the opening of “Figures & Facts: Selections from the Hollander Collection.”

“Figures & Facts: Selections from the Hollander Collection” focuses on those moments when things aren’t what they appear to be. These days, that’s 24/7, both because social reality is more complex than ever, and  because alt-facts are on the verge of getting the upper hand, turning truth into opinion and leading people to believe that there are as many truths as there are people who hold them.

Inhabiting a reality often described as surreal, the 16-artist exhibition features paintings and sculptures in which the human figure plays a prominent role, either appearing, via some manner of realistic depiction, or being suggested, by way of recognizable objects or the gestures an absent body has made—with paintbrushes, spray cans, marking pens, and pencils. The works in the exhibition invite visitors to consider the fluid borders between bodies and the spaces they occupy.

To do that, it draws us into dramas both unscripted and physical. Each of the works displayed goes out of its way to get us actively involved in the stories it tells, inviting us to wonder what it has to say to us—and, equally important, what we have to say to it. The conversations that unfold begin in the mind’s eye but quickly spill into the shared social space of public reality. They involve all aspects of our realities, including memories and ideals, points-of-view and perceptions, interpretations and fantasies. The deeper and truer those dialogues, the more vulnerable and honest we might be—with ourselves and our surroundings. And when that happens, the figures and facts that constitute reality are no longer formed by the numbers favored by bean-counters and businessmen, but by figures and facts that leave room for ambiguity: the emotional resonance of experiences so elusive and fugitive that they can only be evoked or intimated, never nailed down and delivered, like a product or service. That is the hope that animates “Figures & Facts,” its works telling visitors very little but hopefully showing us how to see things differently: less literally and more figuratively, in other words, poetically or artistically.

Hector Arce-Espasas
Jemima and Dolly Brown
Ed Fornieles
Martin Grandits
Nicholas Hatful
Michael John Kelly
George Little
Alejandro Ospina

Panos Papadopoulos
Ry Rocklen
Robert Russell
Mindy Shapero
Leonardo Silaghi
Mari Sunna
Pedro Velez
Waldemar Zimbelmann

Feature image detail: Panos Papadopoulos. Calligraphy. 2013. 84.6″ x 59″ Oil on Canvas.