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GSC Fireside Chat

GSC is excited to announce our next Fireside Chat on Thursday, October 29 at 12 pm PDT! This chat’s topic will cover dissertations. The second event in our series will feature a conversation between students who are working on their dissertations.

It will be a great opportunity to know a panel of current CGU students through a conversation about various graduate school milestones. This is a great time to come together in the community, even though we can only convene online. At this event, you can meet students across disciplines and hear about what they are doing this semester. If you are interested in participating in the GSC Fireside Chats as a panelist or if you have a few words of encouragement for the CGU community, please reach out to our GSC Vice-president, Arline Votruba, at vicepresident.gsc@cgu.edu.

Please visit our website for more information.

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