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IPRC Research Meeting – “Women’s Substantive Representation in the Local Politics of Turkey” with Ahu Sumbas, PhD

Turkey Election protestsJoin the Inequality and Policy Research Center for a research presentation featuring Ahu Sumbas, PhD from Hacettepe University, Turkey.

Policies and services of local governments have a greater impact on women’s daily needs than the consequences of national level policies. In Turkey, women’s political representation in the local government is significantly lower (one to three percent of councillors-mayors) than in most democratic countries, where female representation can reach 15 to 17 percent of legislators. These numbers show a male-dominated decision-making at the local level. This makes women’s representation critical to bringing women’s issues into the policy-making process and to promoting the notion of gender equality in the local governance. By using the theoretical framework of women’s representation, this presentation intends to evince potential effects of women’s representation in the local context of Turkey. The presentation will provide analysis of the field data on female politicians running and elected in the local elections between 2004 and 2019 in Turkey.

Coffee and light refreshments will be provided.