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Migrants: Multimedia Stories from the Margins

“Migrants: Multimedia Stories from the Margins”
Wednesday March 28, 2018 4:15-5:30
Benson Auditorium

Sarah K. Khan writes about and creates multimedia content about food, culture, women, and migrants grounded in social justice. Her research has taken her to live with Bedouins in Israel and Palestine, document the plight of Indian women farmers, traverse the world of Queens NY, and film women cooks about their foods and ways in Fez, Morocco. In this talk, Sarah Khan will share the creation story of Amrita Simla, her seriously playful and playfully serious super shero, and will share her recent bodies of multimedia work: Migrant Kitchens (in Queens NY), Indian Women Farmers, and the Spice Porters of Old Delhi. These series of short films, photography, graphics, and maps use media to make invisible migrants visible, bear witness, and relay their stories via food.

A two-time Fulbright Scholar (2001-02 & 2014-15), Sarah Khan has degrees in Middle Eastern history (BA), public health and nutrition (MPH, MS), and plant sciences (PhD). Her work explores, celebrates, and circulates creative food cultures at the intersection of globalization, climate change, environmental degradation, gender disparity, race and caste discrimination, in addition to the loss of crop, biological, cultural, culinary and linguistic diversities.

Instagram: @sarahkkhan | Twitter: sarahkkhan | www.sarahkkhan.com