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Organizational Development and Team Member Well-being with CGU PhD Maren Dollwet at Walmart

Maren Dollwet Waggoner, who received her CGU PhD. in Organizational Behavior in 2013, is now the Senior Director of US People at Walmart. Walmart is looking to re-define the future of retail and prepare for the future of work. On the heels of recent eCommerce acquisitions and with the expanding footprint of the US business, Walmart is in the midst of an exciting People Transformation effort with the aim of creating a work environment to be proud of and ultimately to become an Employer of Choice.

Maren along with her team member Erin Stevens, are visiting campus to give an overview of the Walmart business, what they are looking for in talent, and talk about some exciting intern (undergrad & grad) as well as full-time job opportunities. Key areas Walmart is hiring in are: Data Analytics, Organizational Behavior, Business Management, Engineering, Product Management, Marketing. Check out some recent news on what Walmart is doing to invest in both the customer as well as the employees.

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