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PFF Workshops – The Teacher as Leader: Understanding Learning & Motivation

M2 – The Teacher as Leader: Understanding Learning & Motivation
Saturday, October 13, 9:00 AM—2:00 PM (Library – Keck 2)

M2a – Understanding Learning & Motivation. Learning is a cognitive, affective, and physical process; we are equipped to learn if we are engaged and motivated. Understanding how and why students are motivated to learn is a critical step in ensuring that our assumptions, values, and beliefs are supported by this empirical knowledge base. This helps us develop a robust teaching philosophy that can help us design more effective teaching and learning tools and processes.

M2b – Developing a Teaching Philosophy Statement. In this session, we revisit and review the concepts and models for thinking we have explored in the previous 3 sessions. We then bring it all together in consolidating and synthesizing your values and beliefs into the beginnings of your teaching philosophy statement. For more information about this workshop, visit our website.

All workshops are free to CGU students, faculty, and alumni. If you are not working toward the PFF Certificate in College Teaching but are still interested in developing your knowledge and skills as a teacher-scholar, you may attend the workshops. Click here for more information.