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Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Workshop – The Teacher as Designer: Building a Syllabus (M4)

M4 – The Teacher as Designer: Building a Syllabus
Saturday, November 10, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Honnold/Mudd Library – Keck Classroom)

M4a – Student Learning Outcomes & Assessment Plans. Powerful inclusivity begins with good, forward-looking design, i.e. designing with the end in mind. In this workshop, we look back at what we’ve learned about learning and motivation, what we know about doing Good Work in complex contexts, and the dimension of digital tools and spaces in teaching and learning. This launches us into designing appropriate student learning outcomes (SLOs), mapping those to inclusive assessment plans that help both the teacher and learner gauge mastery levels throughout the learning journey. Through this process, you create the basis for an effective course design that scaffolds students toward success.

M4b – The Syllabus as a Learning Journey Map. Too often, syllabi are looked at on the first day of class, never to appear again, except for hasty references to test dates and deadlines for assignments. This workshop will help you reframe syllabi as maps for teaching, and especially, maps for learning so that your syllabus becomes a living working tool in the classroom. We will also explore criteria for inclusivity in developing course policies and practices as well as for presenting syllabi to students. For more information about this workshop, visit our website.

All workshops are free to CGU students, faculty, and alumni. If you are not working toward the PFF Certificate in College Teaching but are still interested in developing your knowledge and skills as a teacher-scholar, you may attend the workshops. Click here for more information.