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The Psychology of Meat Eating: Why Do We Do It? A Special Panel Event

Why is eating meat so essential to some people, and disgusting to others?

The public is invited to a panel event at Claremont Graduate University about cutting-edge research related to the psychology of meat consumption.

The 2017 Research Workshop on Effective Animal Advocacy (co-hosted by CGU and the Animal Charity Evaluators) is taking place on campus at the end of September. Although the research workshop is closed to the public, this special panel event is open to the public. Workshop organizers invite the public to this panel featuring scholars Julia Hormes, Shiva Pauer, Jared Piazza, and Matthew Ruby in discussion about “conflicted omnivores,” “the role of ambivalence, disgust, and emotion regulation,” and much more. (For more information about this event, please visit: https://animalcharityevaluators.org/about/events/2017-research-workshop/)

See full panelist information below:

Predictors of adherence to vegan diets: The role of ambivalence, disgust, and emotion regulation
Julia Hormes, PhD
State University of New York—Albany

Enhancing logical reasoning about meat eating
Shiva Pauer
University of Vienna

Self-persuasion: A potential strategy for nudging people away from meat
Jared Piazza, PhD
Lancaster University

Conflicted omnivores: Incidence, associations, and implications for behavioral change
Matthew Ruby, PhD
La Trobe University

Registration is not required. Panel is free and open to the public.