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Social Social Speaker Series: Kate Sweeny, PhD

The social psychology program at CGU calls its colloquium/symposium meetings “Social Socials” because they are doubly social—they are about social psychology and they are a social event that brings together faculty, students, visitors and anyone who is interested in social psychology. Social Socials invites social psychologists to come talk about their recent/current research on a wide variety of topics. Everyone with an interest in social psychology is welcome. Lunch will be provided.

This event will feature Kate Sweeny, PhD, Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside.

Talk Title: Secrets to Waiting Well

Description: Many of life’s most significant and stressful events involve waiting for some kind of news, whether academic, professional, medical, or financial. For most people, these moments of uncertainty are fraught with worry and sleepless nights. Kate Sweeny, PhD is an expert on the experience of waiting, and she will share some of the insights from her research program on what makes waiting so difficult, why it’s easier for some people than others, and how to make waiting a little easier.

Kate Sweeny, PhD Secrets to Waiting Well