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The Maldonado Executive Leadership Institute (MELI) is committed to discovery, discussion, and dissemination of insights into the future of executive leadership. TEDx events are locally organized talks that embrace the mission of “ideas worth spreading.” We are pleased to announce that MELI will be hosting the first TEDx ClaremontGraduateUniversity on Thursday, March 23, 2023, from 4-7pm.

Technology, organizations, and society are changing more rapidly than ever before. Leadership has become increasingly complex, and leaders must continually keep abreast of changes in economic, political, technological, and social conditions. What does this mean for the future of executive leadership? True to the CGU spirit of transdisciplinary thinking and the TEDx focus on multidisciplinary events, leadership will be examined broadly and will include leadership in both large and small business organizations and executive leadership in government organizations that provide public safety, government services, healthcare, education, and human services.

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