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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring and Getting Hired in 2020 and 2021

Join us for this webinar with alum Kevin Campbell ’15. Not only will this webinar help hiring managers and talent acquisition professionals identify and hire more high-performing employees, it will also help job seekers who are facing an increasingly challenging job market. Whether you’re hiring or looking to get hired, this webinar is for anyone involved in the hiring process.

By using a structured process and proven decision making methodology, job seekers and interviewers can use data and evidence–rather than emotions, feelings, and biases–to make better hiring decisions and career choices. Regardless of which side of the hiring process you are on, hiring the right person or choosing the right career will have a profound and immediate impact on engagement, performance, and wellbeing.

All it takes is an understanding of what success looks like and an articulation of the behavioral drives—the natural patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior–that will lead to success. To learn more about your unique drives, you’re welcome to take this free assessment prior to joining the session.

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More about our speaker:
My name is Kevin Campbell and I am the founder of Lifted Leadership LLC, a Strength-Based Coaching and People Science practice. I help organizations acquire, develop and retain their most valuable asset: their people. I also help people manage an aspect of their lives that plays a key role in their happiness: their work. You can learn more about my work and background at LiftedLeadership.com