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Workshop: Mathematics is Alive! A Recent Breakthrough in Geometry

CGU’s Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMS) is an active partner in the consortium-wide Claremont Center for the Mathematical Sciences. As part of this partnership, the Claremont Center offers a series of workshops and presentations as part of the Gateway to Exploring Mathematical Sciences program, which is also known as GEMS. On a monthly basis, this program invites high school students to the colleges to learn mathematics and science applications to nurture their enthusiasm and inspire a future undergraduate or graduate career in these areas.

This year’s season of GEMS offerings concludes with a presentation by Harvey Mudd Professor Darryl Yong about a relatively recent discovery in geometry that involves cutting out paper shapes in an efficient way. Students will have an opportunity to participate in hands-on exercises.

This year’s faculty participant from CGU’s IMS is Marina Chugunova (topic: “Geometry of Castles and Forts”) .