July 13, 2015

English and Cultural Studies Prof. David Luis-Brown receives fellowship to research in Italy

David Luis-Brown, associate professor of English and cultural studies, has received a fellowship from the Bogliasco Foundation to support his research on representations of slave rebellion and social identity in Cuba and the United States.

David Luis-Brown
David Luis-Brown

Bogliasco Fellowships are awarded to scholars who demonstrate notable achievements in the field of arts and humanities disciplines that seek to understand our place in the world and what it means to be human.

The fellowship consists of a one-month residency in Bogliasco located in the Genoa province of Italy. Luis-Brown will join 23 other distinguished scholars and artists from 10 different countries specializing in a variety of fields from dance to architecture who will live and work in the Bogliasco study center.

“I am very fortunate to be joining such a distinguished fascinating and diverse array of scholars artists writers choreographers and filmmakers ” Luis-Brown said. “I’m delighted because it means that I will be able to wiggle out of my usual cooking and cleaning duties and devote myself to writing full time for a month.”

Luis-Brown received the fellowship for his project Blazing at Midnight: Slave Rebellion and Social Identity in Cuban and US Culture. His research analyzes the role that slave rebellions played in constructing social and national identity in Cuba and the United States in the nineteenth century.

“Working side-by-side with such a remarkable cohort of globally-known scholars and artists will undoubtedly challenge and inspire David in his research and writing ” said Tammi Schneider dean of Claremont Graduate University’s School of Arts and Humanities. “It’s a fantastic opportunity not only for him but also for the students in our English and cultural studies programs who will thrive under the expertise and knowledge that he will bring back to the classroom.”

Luis-Brown will be in Bogliasco from November 16 to December 18 this year.”