May 25, 2017

A Gift from the Drucker School: Free Classes

Peter Drucker

Learning doesn’t stop with graduation. 
In Peter Drucker’s vision of the modern world as a knowledge society, learning is an ongoing activity—the value of knowledge is best seen “only when applied in action,” Drucker once told a Harvard audience.
Now the Drucker School of Management is extending this same opportunity for ongoing learning to its alumni by offering free class credits that are redeemable over the next five years. 
Known as the Drucker Lifelong Learning Initiative (DLLI), this offering has been designed to enable Drucker alumni to continue their professional development with their alma mater by taking a free management course or courses (alumni are eligible to take either two two-unit courses or a single four-unit course) to enhance their own particular career needs.
In an email announcement to the school’s alumni community, Jenny Darroch, the Henry Y. Hwang Dean of the Drucker School and professor of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Marketing, notified alumni about this free course offering, which extends until 2022, and the school’s desire to play a part in its graduates’ future success.
“Your success is the greatest testament to the work we do,” she said. “Our commitment to you does not end at graduation.”
The program is open to the more than 4,500 members of the school’s alumni base. It pertains only to those classes that are specifically in the field of management (indicated with the letters “MGT” in the course title).
“We don’t want to be just a part of our alumni’s past academic experience, we want to be a part of their present, too,” Darroch explained.
Darroch said the DLLI was envisioned as a way to enable alumni not only to re-engage with former professors but also to become familiar with the professors who joined the Drucker faculty after their graduation.

Interested alumni can learn more by visiting the DLLI webpage, or by emailing Drucker School Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement Shaheen Plunier (EMBA,’16), at