July 9, 2018

Greetings from CGU President Len Jessup

Dear CGU community:

A long time ago, as a young information systems graduate student, I knew about this university’s excellent reputation in my field; I could never have dreamed that, 30 years later, I would have a chance to join this incredible community as its president.

Kristi and I are excited and honored to be here, and I would like to extend our warmest greetings to all of you. We thank you for your generous hospitality. Everyone has been welcoming and helpful as we’ve settled in and familiarized ourselves with the campus and community.

One of our first orders of business is simple: We want to get to know you. In the weeks and months ahead, I hope you will join me for informal conversations as well as special events with the faculty, students, staff, friends, and alumni who have carried our great university’s name and reputation out into the world.


As you may know, Kristi and I have moved into the official residence of CGU’s president on Harvard Avenue. It is a beautiful, historic home, and it is my intention to make it a gathering place where we can meet regularly, learn about each other, celebrate achievements, and strategize about CGU’s future. This is not just our home but the university’s, too.

Our drive to Claremont from Las Vegas was not very long—just about three or four hours (depending on how fast you drive)—but it felt to me like a journey from one world into another. We moved from the hot, dry desert landscapes of Nevada to this beautiful, tree-lined, vibrant community. I see our journey together at CGU in similar terms, and we have so many exciting destinations ahead of us.

When I visited the campus earlier this year, I told many of you that I was a firm believer in the mindset of abundance, not scarcity, and that is still true today. I believe that this university—one of the only graduate institutions of its kind in the country—is poised at an exciting time of renewal and possibility. Kristi and I can’t wait to build this future with all of you.


Len Jessup
CGU President