December 15, 2018

What kind of year was 2018 at CGU? One word says it best: ‘presidential’

CGU presidential medallion.
MEDAL OF HONOR: The medallion and chains worn by the presidents of CGU.

As global media outlets prepare their “Best of 2018” packages, what kind of year was 2018 for CGU?

The year was marked by achievements across the academic spectrum—peruse our newsroom and you’ll find plenty of examples—but one of the year’s most dominant threads involved the Office of the President and the question of the university’s next leader. Here is a brief timeline of CGU presidential highlights from 2018:


  • The search begins: 2018 opened with the question of who would become CGU’s next chief executive. The university’s Board of Trustees turned to executive search firm Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates to find a permanent occupant for this role held by interim figures for several years. Even though the search process at most universities extends over many months, if not years, CGU quickly developed a large pool of distinguished candidates from across the nation.




GSC flame-lighting ceremony in 2018
CGU President Jessup joins with the GSC for a flame-lighting ceremony.


  • Installation celebration: President Jessup’s official recognition as president of CGU took place with a special celebration and installation ceremony in November. The presentation of the university’s presidential medallion from Board chair Tim Kirley was preceded by a series of speakers who celebrated the university’s rich heritage and exciting future. Visit here for more presidential installation highlights.


  • Other leadership changes: In March, Edward Jones executive Tim Kirley succeeded Mike Rossi as chair of the university’s Board of Trustees. In September, Kristen Andersen-Daley was appointed the university’s Vice President for Development and External Relations by Jessup with the Board’s unanimous approval. Andersen-Daley had served in an interim capacity during  the first half of the year. In October, communications and marketing specialist Cynthia Baker also joined the Marketing and Communications team as Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications.


Emeritus CGU President John Maguire in 2016.
Emeritus President John Maguire, speaks during the 2016 board of trustees dinner at the President’s House in Claremont. May 12, 2016
  • Presidential Passing: While 2018 opened with the search for a new president, the year ended with the loss of the university’s longest-serving president, John Maguire.  Maguire passed away at the age of 86 after suffering a stroke. A major figure in the civil rights movement with close relationships to Martin Luther King Jr. and other key players, Maguire served as CGU president for 17 years. His legacy at CGU (and in the world at large) was celebrated in early December with special memorial services in Claremont and on campus.