July 22, 2020

University Outlines a ‘Flex’ Approach for the Fall Semester

A HYBRID APPROACH: As of today, the university is preparing for an "online flex" start of the fall semester.

The university has announced its fall semester plans in an email message sent today to the campus community.

According to a message from CGU’s Executive Council, the fall 2020 semester at CGU will follow a hybrid “flex” approach with the majority of classes fully online, but allowing for some on-campus, in-person activities that cannot be accomplished in an online environment.

Some of those permitted in-person activities are listed in the council message, which is reproduced in full below.

  • Read more here for a detailed overview of the fall semester at CGU for students, faculty and staff.

On LinkedIn, CGU President Len Jessup applauded the university’s plans in an article and wrote that CGU’s “position as the nation’s only comprehensive, all-graduate university with an incredible campus, innovative faculty and staff, and very small class sizes will allow us uniquely to deliver this ‘online flex’ approach.”


***** [text of full message] *****

Dear CGU Community,  

While the pandemic has continued to impact our operations, many at the university have been making plans and implementing procedures to support our health and safety when we do return to campus. CGU will begin the fall semester in an “online flex” mode of instruction. The majority of classes will be fully online, with only activities such as labs, studios, practica, one-on-one tutorials, and research studies that require hands-on work and physical campus access eligible for on-campus activity.  

Supporting a flexible environment for our students, faculty, and staff has been our planning goal for the FY20-21 academic year. As you know, the university has been preparing for this type of hybrid approach to instruction to provide the utmost flexibility for our community. Given the ongoing pandemic environment and recent guidance from state and local authorities, it is necessary that our hybrid approach now include a majority of online operations.

Fortunately, given our size, planning efforts, and our nimbleness, we are uniquely suited to offer this “online flex” approach. 

You’ll find more information about the CGU fall 2020 semester on our webpage. We will keep you apprised of significant changes to university operations via e-mail and encourage you to visit the website for updated information.  

The pandemic has brought about many changes to our campus life. But what has continued to shine brightly is our commitment to our students and their academic progress and goals. As we soon welcome back our ongoing students and get to know our new fall 2020 cohort, our CGU values and mission will not waver. Whether we gather in classrooms, in our beautiful outdoor spaces, or on videoconferences, we will continue to carry the flame forward.   

 CGU Executive Council