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    PhD, French City University of New York, Graduate Center
    BA, Literature, Yale University

Catherine Liu is a professor of film and media studies and visual studies at UC Irvine. She is the author of American Idyll: Academic Anti-Elitism as Cultural Critique. In addition to academic/theoretical work on the Frankfurt School, psychoanalysis, and the intellectual history of critical theory, she also publishes creative non-fiction. Liu is interested in the social and political significance of aesthetic practice in the accumulation of the social surplus. She was a contributor to Liza Featherstone’s collection: False Choices: the Faux Feminism of Hillary Clinton and published an account of the 1980s in her piece “Knight” in Los Angeles Review of Books. She is at work on a memoir called Panda Gifts and a collection of essays on politics and academic discourse called Class Struggles, about the particularity of the American professional managerial class and the popular reaction against it. In fall of 2018, she will be publishing a piece on childhood and capitalism in Jacobin magazine.