Violet Luxton

Violet Luxton is an assistant director of admissions at Claremont Graduate University, overseeing admissions and enrollment for math and information systems & technology

Luxton began at CGU as a student support specialist for the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and the Center for Information Systems & Technology. Luxton also attended Pitzer College, where she pioneered an independent major in integrative psychology. The program ignited her fascination for exploring creativity through technology. Since graduating, she has continued to synthesize her work in practices such as geographic information systems, music, and social justice work, linking often siloed disciplines as a way to find new paths toward healing and empowerment.

A Xicana born and raised in Southern California, Luxton is passionate about #LandBack movements and using wisdom rooted in Indigenous diasporas to re-examine narratives of sustainability, eco-feminism, and social justice that center Indigenous contributions to society. Currently, Luxton is pursuing her master’s degree in Cultural Studies from CGU.