The Board of Advisors of the Financial Engineering Program is comprised of leaders and educators in the field of financial engineering and services. Advisors provide guidance, insight, expertise and contacts to the program’s two deans and faculty co-directors.

Advisors review curriculum developments and help find internship and permanent job opportunities for students. They also assist in identifying financial resources for student fellowships, research funds, program facilities, infrastructure and the overall operation of academic programs. Advisors convene at least annually for formal meetings.


  • An established leader with a demonstrated record of accomplishment in a given industry or profession
  • Enthusiasm for the Financial Engineering Program and a strong interest to see it continue to improve
  • Willingness to engage in conversations and activities with the Program’s friends and alumni and identify and/or solicit prospective donors on behalf of the program.

Roles and Responsibilities
Advocate– Assist in providing referrals for student internships and jobs for graduating students
Ambassador– Remain current on the Program’s priorities; attend Board meetings regularly, either in person or via conference call, and participate in University and program-related events
Advisor– Provide insight and guidance

Advisor Bios
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