Time to Degree

The following chart identifies the Time to Degree for students who graduated from the Drucker School between 2016 and 2021.

Program Number of Graduates Mean (Years) Median (Years)
Full-Time MBA 150 2.2 2.0
Financial Engineering 78 1.8 1.7
Executive MBA 42 3.7 2.8
Professional MBA 21 3.3 3.0
MA in Management 26 1.7 1.7


Graduation & Attrition Rates

For the students entering the Management Programs (Full-time and Part-time MBA, MA in Management, MS in Finance, and MS in Marketing Analytics) from 2008-09 through 2017-18, within three years the graduation rate was 87% and the attrition rate was 9%.

For the students entering the Financial Engineering Program from 2008-09 through 2017-18, within three years the graduation rate was 84% and the attrition rate was 11%.

For the students entering the Executive MBA Program from 2008-09 through 2017-18, within three years the graduation rate was 52% and the attrition rate was 20%.


Job Placement Outcomes

Students graduating between December 2018 – May 2021

  • Total Seeking Jobs: 41 Full-time MBA students
  • Total Not Seeking Jobs: 38 Full-time MBA students (most of these students were company-sponsored and already employed or they were planning to continue their education after the program)
  • Full-time MBA graduates with jobs offers within 3 months of graduation: 25 out of 41 (61%)
  • Full-time MBA graduates reporting salaries – average starting salary of $90,244


Given our small size, we have few MBA graduates annually who seek and secure employment. The following chart* identifies the median salary for our MBA graduates in comparison to other U.S.-based AACSB accredited institutions who completed the BSQ employment survey and who had 10 or fewer full-time MBA graduates accept employment. The Drucker School is identified by the red bar.

MBA chart

*Schools represented on this chart include Duquesne University, Hofstra University, Colorado State University, Oregon State University, Brandeis University, University of California-Riverside, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (among others)


Employment Advancement

As socially conscious, highly effective leaders, our graduates have thrived around the globe as proud testaments of the Drucker School’s impact.

They are innovative, adaptable, and globally relevant, transforming industries at prestigious organizations like Apple, Netflix, Goldman Sachs, Google, Barclays, the International Monetary Fund, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox – China, and Oxford University.

Our alumni are distinguished not only by their titles, but also by the immeasurable contributions they have made to their organizations and to society as a whole.

A few of our notable success stories include Mark Hatch (MBA, 1995), one of the pioneers of the “maker movement”; Pat Soldano (MBA, 1986), a national expert in family offices; Jared Wasserman (MBA, 2006), Associate Vice President at Nasdaq; and Andrew Casey (MBA, 1996), Vice President of Finance and Business Operations at ServiceNow.

More recent graduates of our programs can be found in equally exciting roles: Irene Wang (MAM, 2017), IT Operations Administrator at Cisco Meraki; De’Jon Glover (MBA, 2015), who works in International Publicity for Paramount Pictures; and Michael J. Van Hartingsveldt (MA in AB, 2016), Junior Collections Management Technician at LACMA.

Alumni Success Features:

Notable Alumni Profiles
Eugene Young
Young is the Chief Content Officer at Levity Entertainment Group. Previously, he was President of Ryan Seacrest Productions, the production company behind the Keeping Up With The Kardashians franchise. He also served as Chief Creative Officer at Fremantle North America, where he worked on such series as American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Price Is Right, and Let’s Make A Deal.
Tawni Cranz
As the Chief Talent Officer at Netflix, Cranz led the team that maintained the company’s unique corporate culture, hired new talent, and kept the organization lean and flexible despite enormous growth. In recent news, Cranz was behind the company’s decision to allow unlimited time off for employees during the first year after a child’s birth or adoption.
Mark Hatch
As the CEO of TechShop, a membership-based do-it-yourself workshop and prototyping studio, Hatch and his company specialized in enabling innovation. Not only was the first prototype for the Square credit card reader developed at TechShop, so were products like Embrace, a portable infant incubation blanket that has helped save over 87,000 babies’ lives in third-world countries.
Ajit Sivadasan
Ajit Sivadasan manages global web strategy across more than 70 countries as the Vice President and General Manager at Lenovo. Over the last nine years he has designed and built Lenovo’s web capabilities, working with an internal team spread across 10 countries, and has grown the business by four times and profits by over eight.
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