Drucker Day 2019

A Spotlight on Organizations—and Their Leaders—That Contribute to a Functioning Society

March 9, 2019

Drucker Day 2019 focused on the contributions organizations and their leaders make to a functioning society. We showcased organizations who have taken the lead to solve some of the world’s most complex global problems.

According to Peter Drucker, a functioning society is comprised of functioning, sustainable organizations across all sectors, which are run by ethical and responsible managers who pay attention to what they do to society and for society. A functioning society gives individual human beings dignity and status within a community and a meaningful place in society. In our world today, we as leaders, managers, and human beings the world over face numerous problems that are so interdependent and socially complex that no single leader, organization, institution, or country has the ability to solve them. Never before have Peter Drucker’s core principles and vision for a functioning society been more relevant or needed.

Drucker Day is a full-day event that features world-class speakers and offers the opportunity to connect with values-driven business professionals from around the globe.

Each year, the Drucker School brings together students, alumni, faculty, friends, and business professionals to celebrate Peter Drucker’s life and legacy and to reignite the passion for values-driven management around the world. Drucker Day is a full day event that brings back top alumni and business professionals from around the world, allowing you the opportunity to have intimate conversations and build lasting relationships with these leaders.

Whether you are a student looking to expand your network, or a business professional wanting to stay in the know, Drucker Day offers a plethora of benefits including the ability to:

  • Network with values-driven students and business professionals
  • Get connected with key influencers in your industry
  • Reunite with Drucker alumni, students, and faculty
  • Hear from world-class speakers and industry experts
  • Gain insight into how to bring more creativity and innovation into your organization
  • Reignite your passion for Drucker’s teachings
  • Meet and recruit top talent in the business world
What people have said about Drucker Day

“I think the main reason I came [to Drucker Day] is that I’m so excited to meet more alumni. The ones that I’ve met so far have been really tremendous.”
– Syd Peterson

“There is some real thought leadership going on and some real concentrated effort toward getting people to think differently and that to me is very impressive.”
– Kathy Mandato, SVP, HR, NBC Entertainment

“Drucker Day constantly provides value to me. Every time I attend one of these events I find two or three nuggets that I take back and I realize I should be using or paying more attention to.”
– Felipe Negritto, manager, Disney Technology Solutions and Services

“Getting a day to spend in time in sunny, idyllic Claremont is always a gift.”
– Bruce Rosenstein, author of Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way

Previous Drucker Day Themes and Speakers

2017: The Peter Drucker Path–Past, Present, and Future
Speakers and panelists included:

  • Renée Mauborgne, Author, Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant and Blue Ocean Shift: Beyond Competing—Proven Steps to Inspire Confidence and Seize New Growth
  • Deborah Clark, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Marketplace
  • Elizabeth Edersheim, Founder, New York Consulting Partners and Author, McKinsey’s Marvin Bower and The Definitive Drucker
  • Rudolph I. Estrada, Lead Director, East West Bank
  • Patricia M. Soldano, Founder, Policy and Taxation Group
  • Andrew Casey, Vice President of Finance and Business Operations, ServiceNow

2016: Drucker Leadership Arc: Managing Self to Society
Drucker Day 2016 focused on the self-to-society spectrum of leadership challenges and skills. Distinguished executives and Drucker School faculty shared how they use Drucker principles for self, team, and organizational management to positively impact society.

2015: The Creative Organization: Preparing and Managing Top Talent
Speakers and panelists included:

  • Eugene Young, President, Ryan Seacrest Productions
  • Tawni Cranz, CTO, Netflix
  • Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Film Producer, di Bonaventura Pictures and di Bonaventura Television
  • Sharon Yazowski, Executive Director of Levitt Pavilions
  • Juan Devis, Senior Vice President of Content Development and Production, KCETLink
  • Carol Geffner, President, Newpoint Health Advisors
  • Ajit Sivadasan, Vice President and General Manager of Global eCommerce , Lenovo
  • Rebecca Clark, President and CEO, Linc Housing

2014: Drucker Day in Japan
Speakers included:

  • Makoto Kigawa, President of Yamato Holdings Company

2013: The Creative Economy: Where Managers and Creatives Collaborate to Foster Innovation and Economic Value
Speakers included:

  • John Howkins, author of The Creative Economy: How People Make Money From Ideas
  • Sally Buchanan, Senior Vice president, Human Resources, Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Alan Kaye, Executive vice President and chief Human Resources Officer, Mattel, Inc.
  • Kathy Mandato, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, NBC Entertainment

2012: Sustainability: Exploring What it Means for Business from Cost to Competitive Advantage to Flourishing
Speakers included:

  • Gabriela Llobet, General Director, Cinde
  • Roberto Mata, CEO Coopedota
  • Carmen Irene Alas, Chief Editor, Estrategia y Negocios Magazine
  • Chris Laszlo, Owner, Sustainable Value Partners, LLC

2011: Innovation and Job Creation
Speakers included:

  • Michael Rossi, Newly Appointed Special Adviser to the Governor for Jobs and Economic Development
  • Vivek Ranadivé, founder and CEO of TIBCO Software Inc.

2010: Drucker Day
Speakers included:

  • Tom Peters, co-author of In Search of Excellence
  • Kenneth and William Hopper, co-authors of The Puritan Gift

2009: Drucker Centennial
Speakers included:

  • Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, Built to Last, and How the Mighty Fall
  • Charles Handy, noted author and co-founder of the London Business School
  • Bob Shapiro, former CEO of Monsanto
  • Faye Washington, CEO of YWCA of Greater Los Angeles
  • Paul Zak, Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies
  • Authors Will Hopper & Bob Nelson

2008: The New Pragmatism: Coping with America’s Overwhelming Problems
Speakers included:

  • Daniel Yankelovich. Founder of the New York Times/Yankelovich Poll (now the NY Times/CBS Poll)
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