How Do I Become a Teacher?

Claremont Graduate University’s Teacher Education Program prepares highly effective teachers who believe that education is a social justice enterprise. We seek teachers deeply committed to academic excellence, equity, and integrity.

Our Teacher Education faculty and staff can guide you toward a rewarding career in teaching. We offer a Preliminary Credential program and an Induction program—both necessary steps to becoming a teacher in California. Our Teacher Education program enables you to work toward a preliminary credential while simultaneously earning a Master of Arts in Education. And our Induction program is a great alternative to Beginning Teacher Support & Assessment (BTSA), the typical district-run induction program.

In addition, CGU offers a Direct-to-Clear Path that enables candidates to earn their full credential in California, allowing you to earn a preliminary credential, a Master of Arts in Education, and a clear credential.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a California Teacher
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