April 3, 2017

Dear CGU, From Your GSC President

Photo of Graduate Student Council President Marquisha Spencer
Graduate Student Council President Marquisha Spencer

I have been trying to find a way to reach out to many of you. I’ve flooded email accounts all year long and I have stopped many of you in passing for what seems like random conversations, but I am genuinely interested in gaining a better understanding of student attitudes toward Claremont Graduate University. Aside from my role as council president, I am personally interested in student narratives.

There have been a number of conversations surrounding changes on our campus in administration, policies, and evaluation, but we’ve yet to decide how we—as students—want to react to it all. So I write to you, mostly inquiring and slightly informing. What do we want to do? I serve as student body president, but I am only a representative for you. If I don’t know what you want, how then can I petition on your behalf? I have been asked by student colleagues, What can students do to help in our pursuit of a healthier and more inclusive campus climate? I didn’t know how to answer that immediately, but it has become very clear that the answer isn’t all that difficult—I’ve had it all along. You can help me by showing up: showing up to classes, to events, to town hall sessions, to faculty-initiated and student-driven conversations, to GSC meetings and all other platforms in which we as students are current or prospective stakeholders.

As students who attend a private and privileged university, we owe it to ourselves to take part in what’s happening, especially when it directly applies to us, our education, and our futures. I think a great start to a more inclusive student effort and voice is to know more about one another. Relationships aren’t fostered through emails. They need to be grounded, watered, and reciprocated. So, with the time that we have left, I encourage you all to join in this fight for a more connected, vibrant, and goal-driven student community. I want to know more about you, my partners in this fight. Please share responses with me via email at president.gsc@cgu.edu. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can answer these questions via the suggestion tool on the GSC website:

  • Why did you come to CGU?
  • What do you want/expect from the Graduate Student Council?
  • Are you happy with your CGU experience?
  • What would improve your experience?

I hope to hear from, work with, and see more of you all. In the meantime, follow the Council on Facebook (CGU Graduate Student Council) and Instagram (@gsc_cgu).

In solidarity,

Marquisha Spencer
Graduate Student Council President ’16-‘17

Upcoming GSC Events

  • April 5: How to Give a Killer Presentation in partnership with the Career Development Office, 12:00 – 1:00 pm in Stauffer 110
  • April 11: Travel Awards Ceremony at the CGU President’s House
  • April 13: Karaoke Night in partnership with Graduate Student Housing, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  • April 16: Newly Elected Council Members Announced
  • May 5: End of the Year Party – End your year in GSC fashion with food, drinks, and friends!