March 13, 2017

To-Do List: Spring Break for Grad Students

Photo of Harper Hall East and McManus Hall with Tower clock peeking through.

By Ashley Call

  1. Disarm all five of your wake-up alarms. Use earplugs if you live next to a rooster or clumsy roommate.
  2. Shower or don’t shower, who gives a damn?
  3. Skip the bikinis of Spring Breaks past in favor of the only t-shirt not in your dirty laundry pile.
  4. Trade drive-thru Starbucks for a coffee worth the stains.
  5. Get comfy before braving the exorbitant amount of reading you were assigned in honor of your “break.”
  6. Smile innocently as you ignore all emails.
  7. Celebrate happy hour sans tipsy academic career crisis.
  8. Trade out your protein bar for a seated meal, preferably with napkins, vegetables, and real human beings sitting across from you.
  9. Binge on The X Files before Scully disappears from Netflix and before you’re back to worrying about mere terrestrial matters.
  10. Fall asleep by counting shee … ts of your term papers that you will write … next


Claremont Graduate University is on Spring Break March 13 through 17.