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When confronted with the world’s most complex issues, transdisciplinarity helps us see the forest for the trees. Derived from deep disciplinary foundations, transdisciplinary approaches require collective, novel, and dynamic strategies to transcend the boundaries of traditional fields.

Why Transdisciplinary Studies?

The dynamic issues of the world demand approaches that travel across disciplinary spaces to inspire new ideas. Once new knowledge is created, it is our responsibility to understand whom it will impact and how, creating solutions that move beyond the theoretical realm and into the applied. Research cannot be kept distant from the stakeholders who are affected by it. It must be framed with society’s needs at the center and should be practiced as a negotiation between the arts, the sciences, and society.

Our goal at Claremont Graduate University is to create leaders with the intellectual courage, tools, and wisdom to take on the most difficult and pressing problems. We are preparing a work and scholarly force that will assume the innovative leadership roles that help us adapt to our changing world—both within The Academy and outside its walls. This is why the Transdisciplinary Studies program is the foundation of the CGU experience.