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Transdisciplinary: Featured Courses
Politics & Policy of Health Disparities
Delves into how social contexts and political systems impact health outcomes and disparities.
TNDY 430
Justice-Centered Frameworks for Education
Explores the transformative power of education and its ability to foster equity.
TNDY 315
Principles of Project Management for a Complex World
Introduces project management methodologies for complex issues, emphasizing a transdisciplinary approach.
Information Systems & Technology: Featured Courses
IST 314
Enterprise Systems and Supply Chain management
Focuses on efficient business process planning and management for supply chain integration.
IST 375
Drones, UAV’s & Satellites: Applications of Imagery in Industry and Government
Behavioral & Organizational Sciences: Featured Courses
Empowerment Evaluation
Explores the theory, principles, and applications of empowerment evaluation.
Professional Development in Evaluation & Applied Research
Introduces diverse evaluation topics and issues to develop a broader perspective on the field.
Politics & Economics: Featured Courses
PP 319I
Special Topics in American Politics: Critically Evaluating Democracy in America–Backsliding?
SPE 471
Strategic Modeling for Politics, Economics, and Business Decisions
Covers positive decision making, game theory, expected utility theory, and spatial bargaining models.
Drucker School of Management: Featured Courses
MGT 307
Game Theory
Explores the art and science of decision-making through game theory and participatory activities.
TNDY 365
Global Leadership
Learn about leaders’ roles in human and economic development, with field experience in Vietnam.
Arts & Humanities: Featured Courses
WGS 304
Feminist Research Methods and Inquiry
Explores feminist theorizing, epistemologies, and methodologies, emphasizing diverse perspectives.
WGS 301
Intro to Women/Gender Studies
Introduces key historical and current theoretical concepts in women and gender studies.
Community & Global Health: Featured Courses
CGH 305/405
Seminar in Grant Writing
Develop and enhance grant writing and proposal development skills.
CGH 310
Global Health: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Provides an interdisciplinary approach to understanding key public health challenges.
Educational Studies: Featured Courses
EDUC 574
Community-based, Participatory Research: Focus on Transformative Movement Organizing
EDUC 481
Organization, Administration & Governance in American Higher Education
Examines how higher ed institutions are organized, governed, and shaped.