Claremont Graduate University strives to maintain an environment which is free from discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct is a distinct form of sexual harassment. We encourage any individual who believes he or she has experienced discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and misconduct, hazing and stalking to review the relevant policies in CGU’s policy library.

More information about Title IX and the civil rights process is available on The Claremont Colleges’ website on Sexual Misconduct Resources, which contains not only information about resources, but offers options for responding to sexual misconduct.

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In circumstances in which you believe you have been subject to discrimination, harassment, and/or sexual misconduct—whether on the CGU campus or on one of the other Claremont College campuses—we encourage you to speak with CGU’s Dean of Students, who acts as the campus’ Title IX Coordinator (see below for contact information). They will advise you on reporting options and grievance procedures.

Creating a safe campus environment is the responsibility of all members of the College community, both individually and collectively. CGU encourages all members of our community to seek support for and report all discrimination and harassment and/or sexual harassment and sexual misconduct directly to Campus Safety and the Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator. In response to any reported discrimination, harassment, and/or sexual misconduct, the University will take all appropriate steps to eliminate the misconduct, prevent its recurrence and address its effects. The University respects the inherent dignity of all individuals involved and will carefully review and/or investigate all reports to understand the perspective and experiences of each individual, and provide for fair and impartial evaluation and resolution.

Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits gender-based discrimination and harassment in educational programs and activities at institutions that receive federal financial funding. Claremont Graduate University is committed to providing you with living, learning, and working environments free from all forms of discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct. CGU’s Dean of Students acts as the university’s Title IX Coordinator and assists our community regarding discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct. They are committed to providing a positive learning, teaching, and working environment. The Title IX Coordinator’s responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing Title IX compliance;
  • Tracking and monitoring incidents, of discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct.
  • Ensuring prompt and equitable resolution of complaints;
  • Coordinating training, education, and prevention efforts; and
  • Providing information on options for responding to and resolving complaints.
Title IX Coordinators

Student Coordinator: Jami Hinshaw, Associate Dean of Students

Staff Coordinator: Brenda Leswick, Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Gender-Based Harassment & Sexual Misconduct Information

CGU and The Claremont Colleges provide support and resources to students, faculty, and staff to address concerns related gender-based discrimination and harassment, including sexual misconduct, and have created a website which serves as a clearinghouse for information related to gender-based harassment and sexual misconduct. This valuable resource provides information about shared resources across the colleges as well as institution specific information, including the following:

HEDS Survey Results

The Claremont Colleges were among 57 institutions to administer the Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium’s Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey in 2015. The survey asked students about perceptions of their campus climates for unwanted sexual contact and sexual assault, their perceptions of how their institution responds to sexual assaults, and whether and how often they have experienced unwanted sexual contact or sexual assault.