Just 35 miles east of Los Angeles, Claremont Graduate University offers an intimate, high-touch academic research environment. Our unique brand of graduate-only scholarship transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries to foster the creation of new knowledge—and new ways of seeing and improving the world.

Globally recognized faculty-scholars lead our specialized programs, which may be tailored to your specific interests and career aspirations. You’ll receive practice-based training and individual mentorship that prepares you for successful employment and enables you to effect positive social change. Due to global health circumstances, we are planning to conduct most spring semester (2021) classes through virtual learning. We look forward to a return to campus in the future and seeing you in Claremont—a vibrant location that offers year-round sunshine and an array of dining, entertainment, and outdoor activities.


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Admissions Representatives
Timothy Council profile image

Timothy Council

Assistant Vice President & Dean of Admissions

Paige Piontkowsky profile image

Paige Piontkowsky

Director of Admissions


MA in Leadership,
MS in Evaluation and Applied Research

Heather Reynolds profile image

Heather Reynolds

Associate Director of International Admissions

David Altman profile image

David Altman

Associate Director of Admissions


Art, Music, English, History, Religion, Cultural Studies, Applied Women's Studies

Matthew Gold profile image

Matthew Gold

Associate Director of Admissions


Drucker School of Management

Suzanne Abouelnasr profile image

Suzanne Abouelnasr

Assistant Director of Admissions


Public Health

Brian Ballesteros profile image

Brian Ballesteros

Assistant Director of Admissions


Politics, Economics, International Studies

Sean Buchanan profile image

Sean Buchanan

Assistant Director of Admissions


Psychology & Evaluation

Aliana Guzman profile image

Aliana Guzman

Assistant Director of Admissions


School of Educational Studies

Heidi Kellam profile image

Heidi Kellam

Assistant Director of Admissions


Leadership, Human Resource Management, Evaluation

Gabriela Krupa profile image

Gabriela Krupa

Assistant Director of Admissions


Information Systems & Technology

Violet Luxton profile image

Violet Luxton

Assistant Director of Admissions


Mathematics and Financial Engineering

Jill Steggall profile image

Jill Steggall

Assistant Director of Admissions


Art Business, Arts Management

Meenakshi Sharma profile image

Meenakshi Sharma

In Country Representative - India


Enrollment Services Staff
Rachel Camacho profile image

Rachel Camacho

Director of Student Engagement

Hayley Kiruki profile image

Hayley Kiruki

Associate Director of Admissions

Ariel Carpenter profile image

Ariel Carpenter

Director of Student Life & International Services
SEVIS Designated School Official
J1 Responsible Officer

Loren Bryant profile image

Loren Bryant

Office of Admissions

Mayra De Armas profile image

Mayra De Armas

Enrollment Operations Coordinator

Misti Hatfield profile image

Misti Hatfield

Admissions Systems Specialist

Andrea Montoya profile image

Andrea Montoya

Admissions & Events Coordinator