The Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management prepares leaders with powerful, ethical, and universal management skills. We offer customizable programs grounded in the guiding principles of Peter Drucker, the most influential management thinker of our time. Our global network is composed of bold individuals who are leading organizations, impacting society, and making positive changes worldwide.

The school embraces Peter Drucker’s philosophy that the practice of management requires a holistic perspective, blending analytical skills with a firm grasp of the human dimension of business. Drucker had a gift for distilling complex insights into practical wisdom: respect your workers, respond to customers’ needs, take a global perspective, innovate, streamline. He knew that the principles of effective management apply equally whether you’re running a small business or a country.

As a student at the Drucker School, you will learn these skills in small classes taught by professors with extensive professional experience and award-winning academic credentials. Your management style will evolve through a targeted, market-connected curriculum that encourages you to participate in client-centered projects and internships. We routinely host industry events and bring experts into the classroom to ensure that the theory we teach is directly linked to the latest industry trends.

The Drucker School’s location in Claremont near Los Angeles provides an ideal setting for learning about management in creative, cutting-edge organizations. Businesses and governments throughout the world are searching for leaders who have the values and versatility needed to succeed in the hyper-competitive 21st century business environment. Through our programs, you’ll gain the skills to create your future and shape the organizations and communities that rely on you to make a difference.

The degree is in management, but what we develop is leadership.


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