Strategic Plan



At the Drucker School, we believe that management is an essential human endeavor. Through our teaching and research, we aspire to be prominent globally in developing leaders and guiding purpose-driven organizations to create a better society.


We advance the practice of management through thought leadership and a personalized approach to graduate education that gives leaders the skills, vision, and strength of mind necessary to transform themselves, their organizations, and their communities.


Our goals reflect a commitment to purpose-driven management and societal improvement. We strive to:

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Who We Are

The Drucker School stands out among business schools with its unique focus on management as fundamental to human achievement and its grounding in the works of Peter F. Drucker. We embrace Drucker’s core belief that responsible management is the backbone of a functioning society. Further, we believe that firms and managers have to prioritize human thriving in their organizations and focus on both purpose and performance—ideas that are more important than ever.

What We Value

Peter Drucker’s philosophies are central to who we are. They inform our scholarship and permeate our instructional content. Together, we are guided by the following principles:

Purpose-driven and human-centered

We value each person and help people fulfill their purpose.

Innovative and change-oriented

We emphasize creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking.

Community-focused and socially responsible

We foster diversity, equity, and inclusion and act ethically in the best interest of society.

Results-oriented, practical, and globally relevant

Our teaching and research prioritize accountability and aim to improve organizational performance around the world.

Why We Exist

Well-managed firms are fundamental to a functioning society. Such organizations improve the lives of people in their communities and have a direct impact on societal challenges. We teach and research real-world management issues to foster effective management, organizational innovation, and long-term success. Working as an engaged community, we are committed to positively impacting society by fulfilling our mission and goals.

Where We Are

The Drucker School of Management resides within the vibrant community of Claremont, California. We contribute to the rigorous, transdisciplinary climate of teaching, learning, and research at Claremont Graduate University and the Claremont Colleges. Our impact is felt locally within Southern California and around the globe.

The Drucker School is a proud member of Claremont Graduate University. Our school’s plan has been developed to support CGU’s strategic plan.

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