Welcome to the Division of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences

The Division of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences (DBOS) is a national leader in applied psychological science, preparing graduates in theoretical and practical psychology, evaluation, and human resource scholarship to solve pressing challenges within increasingly diverse communities and organizations. Our students examine the significant contributions of psychology and related fields to the amelioration of societal problems and formulation of public policy.

The Division of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences offers master’s and doctoral degrees in several areas of applied psychology, including Basic & Applied Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Evaluation & Applied Research Methods, Applied Cognitive Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Health Behavior Research. Curriculum emphasizes research on psychological, social, and organizational concepts relevant to policy issues, as well as development of methodological skills for collecting and analyzing information in field settings. We offer renowned programs in Evaluation & Applied Research Methods and Human Resource Development that serve to augment research in these areas. DBOS students also gain critical hands-on experience through projects, internships, and jobs at such cutting-edge research institutes as the Claremont Evaluation Center and Institute for Research on Social Issues.

We are training the next generation of talented behavioral and organizational scientists, psychologists, evaluators, and human resource professionals for positions in research, teaching, administration, and more. DBOS graduates are highly sought after and typically find rewarding employment at academic institutions, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private-sector businesses.

Interim Dean: Michelle Bligh
123 E. 8th Street • Claremont, CA 91711 • 909-621-8084 • Fax 909-621-8905

Michelle Bligh profile image

Michelle Bligh

Interim Dean, School of Social Science, Policy & Evaluation
Professor of Organizational Behavior
Director, Human Resource Management


Master’s Programs


Doctoral Programs


Certificate and Non-Degree Programs
Core Faculty
Eusebio Alvaro profile image

Eusebio Alvaro

Research Professor, Behavioral and Organizational Sciences

Research Interests

Social influence processes; Health promotion, disease prevention, and medicine; Minority relationship to health promotion; Mass media messages targeting health behavior change

Tarek Azzam profile image

Tarek Azzam

Associate Professor of Evaluation and Applied Methods

Research Interests

Social research and methodologies, Policy and program evaluations, Data visualization and evaluation

Tiffany Berry profile image

Tiffany Berry

Research Associate Professor

Research Interests

Educational program evaluation, K–12 educational curricula, After-school programs, Comprehensive school reform

Michelle Bligh profile image

Michelle Bligh

Interim Dean, School of Social Science, Policy & Evaluation
Professor of Organizational Behavior
Director, Human Resource Management

Research Interests

Organizational culture, Leadership in corporate cultures, Charismatic leadership, Interpersonal trust, Political and executive leadership

Kendall Cotton Bronk profile image

Kendall Cotton Bronk

Associate Professor of Psychology

Research Interests

Adolescent moral development, Positive youth development

Andrew Conway profile image

Andrew Conway

Associate Provost for Research
Professor of Psychology

Research Interests

Intelligence, Working memory, Statistics

William Crano profile image

William Crano

Oskamp Chair, Distinguished Professorship in Psychology

Research Interests

Social influence; Effects of persuasive information on drug addiction and HIV/AIDS; Minority and majority relationships to health information;
Children and adolescent relationship to health information

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi profile image

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Management
Founder, Co-Director, Quality of Life Research Center

Research Interests

Creativity and innovation, Flow

Stewart I. Donaldson profile image

Stewart I. Donaldson

Executive Director, Claremont Evaluation Center
Professor of Psychology and Community & Global Health

Research Interests

Positive organizational psychology, theory-driven evaluation, organizational and career development, health and well-being

Leslie Fierro profile image

Leslie Fierro

Assistant Clinical Professor of Evaluation

Research Interests

Evaluation policy in the design, conduct, and use of program evaluations

Michael Hogg profile image

Michael Hogg

Professor of Social Psychology
Chair, Social Psychology Programs

Research Interests

Self and social identity, group processes and intergroup relations, influence and leadership, identity-uncertainty and extremism, language and social identity

Jeanne Nakamura profile image

Jeanne Nakamura

Associate Professor
Co-director, Quality of Life Research Center

Research Interests

Engagement, Mentoring, Positive aging

Allen M. Omoto profile image

Allen M. Omoto

Interim Dean, School of Educational Studies
Professor of Education & Psychology

Research Interests

Social psychology; Volunteerism and prosocial action; Environmental concerns; Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues; Civil engagement and civil society

Kathy Pezdek profile image

Kathy Pezdek

Professor of Psychology

Research Interests

Memory and comprehension, Visual memory, Eyewitness memory, Suggestibility of memory, Autobiographical memory

Becky Reichard profile image

Becky Reichard

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Leadership evaluation, assessment, and development; impact of leader development interventions; leader developmental readiness; leader motivation and self-development, longitudinal research on leader development

Michael Scriven profile image

Michael Scriven

Distinguished Professor

Research Interests

Philosophy, Mathematics, Evaluation methodologies, Critical thinking, Technology studies, Computer studies

Jason T. Siegel profile image

Jason T. Siegel

Associate Professor of Social Psychology

Research Interests

Social Psychology, Health Psychology, Persuasion, Motivation, Research Methodology

Jeffrey Yip profile image

Jeffrey Yip

Assistant Professor of Organizational Psychology

Research Interests

Leadership, Mentoring, Career development


Extended Faculty – Positive Developmental Psychology

Marjorie Charlop

Claremont McKenna College/Claremont Autism Center

Research Interests

Autism, behavioral psychology of children, child psychopathology

Stacey Doan

Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

Emotional, sociocultural and developmental influences on physical and psychological health; mind-body interaction; the effect of emotions and stress; social relationships


Extended Faculty – Cognitive Psychology

Deborah Burke

Pomona College

Research Interests

Cognitive and neural language processes, and the effects of aging; failures of language production; emotions’ effects on language and memory

Alison Harris

Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

Cognitive neuroscience, decision neuroscience, neuroeconomics

Leah Light

Pitzer College

Research Interests

Human memory and cognition; memory and aging

Catherine Reed

Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

Cognitive neuroscience, electroencephalography, human behavior and human factors, multisensory perception

Shlomi Sher

Pomona College

Research Interests

Rational and psychological levels of analysis; scientific approaches to the mind-body problem

Patricia Smiley

Pomona College

Research Interests

Language development, self-development, achievement motivation

Sharda Umanath

Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

Cognition, education, experimental psychology, memory

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Fall 2017 Stauffer Colloquium
“The End of Facts”
Maryanne Garry, PhD

On November 16, join us for the Fall 2017 Stauffer Colloquium.

People easily come to believe or remember things that just aren’t true—about themselves, about others, and about the world. Sometimes these false cognitions develop slowly, but other times they take hold in seconds. What’s more, when it comes to our autobiographical memories, we lean toward cheap-and-easy verification strategies rather than reliable ones—even when relying on incorrect information can have significant consequences.

Thursday, November 16, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Albrecht Auditorium
9251 N. Dartmouth Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711

Join Us

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