Board of Advisors

Division of Politics & Economics Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors for the Division of Politics and Economics provides critical insight, advice, and resources to the Dean of the School of Social Science, Policy and Evaluation, as well as to the faculty leadership in the Division. Board members demonstrate strong commitment to the university through their distinguished service, financial support, and advocacy. Nominations for potential new Advisory Board members should be directed to Dean Stewart Donaldson.

The Division of Politics and Economics is grateful to the following individuals for their extraordinary service:

Michael M. Hertel, Chair
Michael J. Johnston, Vice Chair
Alfred Balitzer, PhD
Bruce E. Cash
Richard S. Falk, Jr.
Tamorah Hunt
John Husing, PhD
Ernie Maldonado, PhD
Raymond F. Pentz
Janice Rutherford
Elliot (Skip) H. Stein, Jr.
John Thomas, PhD

Division of Behavioral & Organizational Science Board of Advisors

The Division of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences continues to receive generous gifts from our alumni and friends, which advance the quality of our academic programs, research, and outreach efforts to prevent and ameliorate a wide range of social, health, community, and organizational problems.

John Llewellyn
Larry Rosen
Michael Whalen
Richard Strayer
Chrismon Nofsinger

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