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Department of Economic Sciences – Core Faculty
Graham Bird profile image

Graham Bird

Clinical Professor of Economic Sciences
Program Director: International Money and Finance; International Economic and Development Policy
Co-Director: Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies

Research Interests

International Finance, International Macroeconomics, Economic Development

C. Mónica Capra profile image

C. Mónica Capra

Professor of Economic Sciences

Research Interests

Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Neuroeconomics

Gregory DeAngelo profile image

Gregory DeAngelo

Associate Professor of Economic Sciences
Director, Computational Justice Lab

Research Interests

Law, Political Economy, Public Choice

Robert Klitgaard profile image

Robert Klitgaard

University Professor

Research Interests

Public Policy, Economic Strategy, Institutional Reform, Corruption

Tom Kniesner profile image

Tom Kniesner

Senior Research Fellow

Research Interests

Labor Economics, Health Economics, Econometrics

Joshua Tasoff profile image

Joshua Tasoff

Associate Professor of Economic Sciences

Research Interests

Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Microbial Economics

Thomas Willett profile image

Thomas Willett

Professor Emeritus
Director, Claremont Institute for Economic Studies

Research Interests

International Money and Finance, Political Economy of Economic Policy

Paul J. Zak profile image

Paul J. Zak

Professor of Economic Sciences, Psychology & Management
Director, Center for Neuroeconomics Studies

Research Interests

Neuroeconomics, Neuroscience of Narratives, Neuromanagement


Department of Politics & Government – Core Faculty
Carlos Algara profile image

Carlos Algara

Mary Toepelt Nicolai and George S. Blair Assistant Professor

Research Interests

American politics, the United States Congress, ideological representation, electoral politics, elite institutions

Mark Blitz profile image

Mark Blitz

Fletcher Jones Professor of Political Philosophy
Field Chair, Political Philosophy
Director, Salvatori Center for the Study of Individual Freedom

Research Interests

Political science, Philosophy, American politics

Heather E. Campbell profile image

Heather E. Campbell

Professor, Department of Politics & Government
Chair, Division of Politics & Economics
Field Chair, Public Policy

Research Interests

Public Policy, Urban Environmental Policy, Environmental Justice

Robert Klitgaard profile image

Robert Klitgaard

University Professor

Research Interests

Public Policy, Economic Strategy, Institutional Reform, Corruption

Tyler Reny profile image

Tyler Reny

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

American Politics, Racial and Ethnic Politics, Political Behavior, Public Opinion, Political Psychology

Javier Rodríguez profile image

Javier Rodríguez

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Public & Health Policy, Social Inequality, Quantitative Methods for Social Science Research

Jean Reith Schroedel profile image

Jean Reith Schroedel

Professor Emerita of Political Science
Former Thornton F. Bradshaw Professor of Public Policy

Research Interests

Native American voting rights, American political development, women and politics, religion and politics, and congressional policy-making


Department of International Studies – Core Faculty
Mark Abdollahian profile image

Mark Abdollahian

Full Clinical Professor

Research Interests

Strategic Decision Making, International Political Economy, Sustainable Development

Yi Feng profile image

Yi Feng

Luther Lee Jr. Memorial Chair Professor

Research Interests

International Political Economy, International Relations, Political Economy of China and Latin America, Quantitative Methodology

Jacek Kugler profile image

Jacek Kugler

Elisabeth Helm Rosecrans Professor of International Relations

Research Interests

Causes and Consequences of War, Political Performance, Power Transition

Melissa Rogers profile image

Melissa Rogers

Associate Professor, International Studies
Co-Director, Inequality and Policy Research Center
Field Chair, Comparative Politics

Research Interests

Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Economic Inequality

Sallama Shaker profile image

Sallama Shaker

Senior Fellow of Middle East & International Studies

Research Interests

Power Politics, Religion, and Culture in the Middle East; Feminization of Poverty and Global Challenges; Globalization

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