A holistic grounding in economics, exposure to cutting-edge transdisciplinary research, and commitment to practice, problem solving, and policy shaping are the hallmarks of the MA in Economics.

The MA in Economics develops problem-solving skills using the foundations in economics and the most current advances, including neuroeconomics. The program promotes practice-based scholarship that embraces the scientific method to better understand how people make decisions. You’ll analyze contemporary economics problems and human and market variability, collaborating with top scholars impacting the field today. Our program prepares you to shape policy and advance individual and social well-being in a variety of public- and private-sector careers. Alumni include chaired professors, finance ministers, CEOs, and more.

Program Highlights
  • You will find opportunities for practical application through internships and research projects in our Southern California location.
  • Our graduates work in top government agencies, such as the IMF, and in prominent private-sector firms, Fortune 500 companies, and more.
  • You can pursue an MA in Economics in conjunction with another degree program at CGU, such as a PhD in Psychology. You earn a diploma for each degree and “double count” some units from one program to the other to decrease your required total units.

Program At a Glance

36 units

2 years

Fall | Spring | Summer

Division of Politics & Economics

MA in Economics

Featured Courses

ECON 302
Macroeconomic Analysis

Explores the potential causes of short-run fluctuations in output and employment by examining both market-clearing and non-market-clearing explanations and more.

ECON 313
Microeconomic Analysis

Examines the neoclassical theory of welfare economics, demand, cost, the firm, and competitive and monopoly price in product and factor markets.

ECON 327
Applications of Behavioral Economics

Covers the application of psychological insights into economic behavior, incorporating topics from psychology and sociology, such as risk perception, self-control, fairness, altruism, envy, and reciprocity.

ECON 336
Financial Economics

Explores financial economics through a strong grounding in microeconomic theory and fundamental principles of finance from an economics point of view.

ECON 342
Asian Economic Development

Analyzes the region with the fastest and largest global economic growth and examines whether continued growth is sustainable.

ECON 359
International Finance & Economic Development

Explores international financial issues as they relate to developing and emerging economies.

Faculty & Research

  • Paul J. Zak profile image

    Paul J. Zak

    Professor of Economic Sciences, Psychology & Management
    Director, Center for Neuroeconomics Studies

    Research Interests

    Neuroeconomics, Neuroscience of narratives, Neuromanagement

  • C. Monica Capra profile image

    C. Monica Capra

    Professor of Economics

    Research Interests

    Experimental economics, Behavioral economics, Neuroeconomics

  • Joshua Tasoff profile image

    Joshua Tasoff

    Associate Professor of Economic Sciences

    Research Interests

    Behavioral economics, experimental economics, microbial economics

  • Robert Klitgaard profile image

    Robert Klitgaard

    University Professor

    Research Interests

    Public policy, Economic strategy, Institutional reform, Corruption

  • Tom Kniesner profile image

    Tom Kniesner

    University Professor
    Chair, Department of Economic Sciences

    Research Interests

    Labor economics, Health economics, Econometrics

  • Jorge Barraza profile image

    Jorge Barraza

    Research Assistant Professor of Economic Sciences

    Research Interests

    Experimental economics, Behavioral economics, Affect and prosocial decision making

  • Graham Bird profile image

    Graham Bird

    Clinical Professor of Economic Sciences

    Research Interests

    International finance, international macroeconomics, economic development

  • Thomas Willett profile image

    Thomas Willett

    Horton Professor of Economics
    Director, Claremont Institute for Economic Studies

    Research Interests

    International money and finance
    Political economy of economic policy

  • Deborah Freund profile image

    Deborah Freund

    University Professor

Where You Can Find Our Alumni

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