Learn more about Claremont Graduate University and how to apply by speaking to the admissions representative for your program, listed below. Our Admissions team looks forward to assisting you and invites you to learn more about CGU by speaking to a representative, visiting campus, or attending an event.

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Admissions Representatives
Timothy Council profile image

Timothy Council

Assistant Vice President & Dean of Admissions

Frank Frias profile image

Frank Frias

Director of Admissions

Heather Reynolds profile image

Heather Reynolds

Associate Director of International Admissions


Mathematics, Information Systems & Technology

Gabriela Krupa profile image

Gabriela Krupa

Associate Director of Admissions



Holly Golcher profile image

Holly Golcher

Associate Director of Admissions


Flex MBA, MA in Leadership,
Drucker Certificate Programs,
PhD in Management

Regina Burch profile image

Regina Burch

Assistant Director of Admissions


Psychology, Positive Health Psychology, Human Resource Management

Brittany Galvez profile image

Brittany Galvez

Assistant Director of Admissions


Public Health, Applied Biostatistics,
Information Systems & Technology

Marclem Hernandez profile image

Marclem Hernandez

Assistant Director of Admissions


Information Systems and Technology, Mathematical Sciences, Leadership

Adriana Leake profile image

Adriana Leake

Assistant Director of Admissions


MBA, MA in Management, MS in Finance

John Moore profile image

John Moore

Assistant Director of Admissions


English, Politics & Policy, International Studies, Economics

Jill Steggall profile image

Jill Steggall

Assistant Director of Admissions


Applied Gender Studies, Art, Arts Management, Cultural Studies, English, History, Music, Religion

Meenakshi Sharma profile image

Meenakshi Sharma

In Country Representative - India

Dylan Low profile image

Dylan Low

Admissions Counselor


Enrollment Services Staff
Hayley Kiruki profile image

Hayley Kiruki

Associate Director of Admissions

Loren Bryant profile image

Loren Bryant

Office of Admissions

Mayra De Armas profile image

Mayra De Armas

Enrollment Operations Coordinator

Allegra Fass profile image

Allegra Fass

Admissions & Events Coordinator

Misti Hatfield profile image

Misti Hatfield

Admissions Systems Specialist